„On the track of resistance“ (Dem Widerstand auf der Spur) is a virtual exhibition portraying Nuremberg’s resistance fighters during the Nazi era. On this website, you find information on their activities and lives. Some of them installed an illegal printing press in a Franconian cave, others refused to work for the production of arms, even others organised unionized resistance or engaged in active solidarity with those persecuted by the Nazi system.

You can visit original sites related to these persons on a tour.


Temporary installation of QR-Codes on the occasion of the „ Stadt(ver)führungen” 2016

On the occasion of the „Stadt(ver)führungen“ in 2015 and 2016, the virtual exhibition got public for the first time via temporary installations of curious expressions together with QR-Codes in public space leading to the portrait of one of six persons. This first test run made us very optimistic: more than 1000 clicks on pages of this website were registered at two weekends only! We are currently in contact with the city of Nuremberg to negotiate a permanent installation. We were also be present an the”Stadt(ver)führungen 2017″, with Marie Haag included in the tour. She paid with her life for her resistance against the Nuremberg Laws.

People of Resistance

George Beeston

Dr. Joseph Drexel

Karl Grönsfelder

Marie Haag

Hans Jung

Stephen S. Mosbacher

Oskar Pflaumer

Ernst Rummel

Ernst Schneppenhorst

The Tour

  • Content/Historians
    Ulli Schlee und Marco Schrage
  • Concept and Design / Gruppe denk.akt
    Claudia Muth, Marius Raab, Alexandra Lang und Claudia Gorr
  • Supported by the Ernst-Rummel-Förderung für Projekte zu Opposition und Ausgrenzung in Nürnberg bis 1945